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Well, After graduating from Indiana University with a BS degree in Computer Science, I moved out to Cincinnati, OH to assume a position with Procter & Gamble. After eleven years of support the Pharmaceutical Business, I started working for Warner Chilcott as part of the P&GP divestiture. But by March, Warner had decided to consolidate its offices in New Jersey. I did some independent consulting for a few months and then rejoined P&G. At present, I oversee efforts to adopt addtional Industry 4.0 technology at our Manufacturing sites.

While at IU, I lived in Read Quad (The rent was cheap, I didn't have to cook, and the T-3 connection to the Internet was free!). Now, I live in Cincinnati, OH. (The mortgage is expensive, the wife or I have to cook, and the slower Internet connection cost more than I care to think about! -- There are definitely a few things I miss from college.)

The image on the left is the FreeBSD mascot. FreeBSD is a UNIX like operating system for Intel hardware (much like Linux). I have used FreeBSD for over 20 years on servers at on the home network. Jim Riffle turned me on to it. I do also leverage Debian based Linux distrbutions for some projects.

Yes, In case you can't tell by that huge image on the right, I am an Eagle Scout. I became an Eagle Scout on March 24, 1994 from Troop 726 North Webster, IN. After earning my Eagle, I also spent 3 summers working as an Assistant Scoutmaster.

As a full time student at Indiana University in Bloomington, I completed a Computer Science BS degree, a minor in Mathematics, and a minor in Cognitive Science. I also worked as an Undergraduate Teaching Instructor for A115: Working the World Wide Web.

I guess, if you really want to see a picture of me, you can. Sorry Girls, I am all ready taken. My wife, Mary, graduated from IU and now is a full time mommy to Emily and Matt.

That is about I can think of right now, before you leave, be sure to scan over my current projects. Thanks for visiting!


I have just a few big computer related projects going on right now,

Computer Controlled Christmas Lights
Lots of my friends think I'm crazy, but I've found a way to combine two of my favorite hobbies: Outdoor Christmas Lights and Computers.

The Wawasee List
The Wawasee List contains the names, email addresses, URLs, and comments about many graduates of Wawasee High School, Syracuse IN. I founded this list in the fall of 1994 with just 10 entries, it has now grown to well over 900! For more information about the list, take the above link.

A directory for outdoor holiday lighting displays helping visitors find near by holiday displays of interest. This directory works similar to Wiki and should be thought of as a collection of web pages that anyone can edit.

Our Favorite Light Displays

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