Christmas 2021 at the Hormanns

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2021 was our 21th year for an animated Christmas Lights Display. This year we added two new songs ( You make it feel like Christmas and Christmas Can Can) along with Tom Nook as a possible snowmen. We also added two additional information panels on either side of the display to communicate the donation drop off point as well as the radio station. We planned to add some more elements above the garage, but the pixels we ordered were significantly delayed and didn't arrive in time.

For the last sixteen years or so, a number of neighbors have braved the cold to watch the clock hit midnight and welcome Christmas. This year was amazing with over 45 neighbors joining to celebrate as the clock hit zero. Hopefully you'll join us next year!


You make it feel like Christmas
Christmas Can Can
I Got The Joy (Go Fish)
Video History of our Display
Hot Chocolate from Polar Express
Christmas Everyday (Simple Plan)
The Grinch
The Peanuts
12 Days of Christmas (Drone)
Christmas Cannon (Drone)
EDM Carol of the Bells (Sauniks)
I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
House on Christmas Street
Light of Christmas
Jingle Dogs (Drone)
I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Little Drummer Boy
Amazing Grace (Drone)
Sugar Plum Fairy
Joy to the World
Christmas Minions
Here comes Santa Claus
Take down: Day 1
Take down: Day 2
Take down: Day 3



Our display is located at 6656 Devon Drive in Liberty Township, OH near a number of other enjoyable holiday displays.

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