Christmas 2023 at the Hormanns

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2023 will be our 23th year for an animated Christmas Lights Display. Outdoor construction started November 10th and completed on November 21rd. We will be adding 4 new songs this year. We would love to have you visit us on Devon Drive as it is far better in person.

We were so blessed to have over 50 people join us to watch our Christmas Countdown clock hit zero.

We still have a few more videos to edit and get posted. Our goals to have them all by Jan 1.


Mary Did You Know (Pentatonix)?
Jingle Bells (Colton Dixon)
Dominick the Donkey
All I Want for Christmas
Christmas Minions
Christmas Can Can
I got the Joy (Go Fish)
Live on Fox19
WKRC Local 12 News
I want a Hippo for Christmas
12 Days of Christmas
Little Drummer Boy
Highlight on WLWT5 TV
Light of Christmas
I heard the Bells
Christmas Canon 2023
Tunnel of Lights
Countdown Clock Hits Zero
Setup: Day 1 - The Grid, Snowflakes, Windows
Setup: Day 2 - Grid and Outline
Setup: Day 3 - Windows and one Mega Tree
Setup: Day 4 - The Wasted Day
Setup: Day 5 - Roof and Tunnel
Setup: Day 6 - Mega tree and Tunnel
Setup: Day 7 - More Tunnel Construction
Setup: Day 8 - Tunnel and Snowmen
Setup: Day 9 - Yard, Bushes, Clock
Setup: Day 10 - Arches and Mini Trees
Take Down Day 1
Take Down Day 2
Take Down Day 3
Take Down Day 4



Our display is located at 6656 Devon Drive in Liberty Township, OH near a number of other enjoyable holiday displays.

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