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Christmas 2010 at the Hormann's

2010 was our tenth year for an animated Christmas display. This year I'm blaming the down economy and unstable job situation for not increasing the size of the display. Now that I'm employed again, I have ordered a few more LOR Controllers so with any amount of luck I'll finally build a new addition next year.

For the last 6 years or so, a small (but growing) group of neighbors have braved the cold to watch the clock hit mid-night and welcome Christmas. This year, we had about 30 individuals standing across the street watching. The noise was loud enough to wake up my wife. This has been a great tradition. Hopefully one of these years, I'll get her to actually come out!


Our display is located at 6656 Devon Drive in Liberty Township, OH near a number of other enjoyable holiday displays.

Our Favorite Light Displays


We are hosting the movies on YouTube again. If you have problems accessing them, please let us know. They should show up below. Note that the first three are available in HD.



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