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Christmas 2003 at the Hormanns

This is our third year for an animated Christmas display. The 320 Circuit Controller was used again this year. Due to the birth of our first child, we didn't make many changes from last year. The only viewer noticeable differences are (a) the addition of more lights on the bushes and (b) changing the sign below the count down clock to be more descriptive. These changes pushed us from ~6,000 lights to just over 13,000.


Clock (Real) (1Mb)

House (WMV) (Real) (4Mb)

Snowmen (Real) (4Mb)


  • ~13000 lights
  • 84 Circuits
  • ~2000 ft electrical and control Wire
  • P-75 Mhz PC

Our Favorite Light Displays


(Click image to enlarge)

Source Code

The following source code controlled this year's display from a P-75 running the FreeBSD 4.7 OS. The primary changes this year are in main.c where the nCurser library is used to display the light sequences on the screen. This makes debugging a whole lot easier. You can look at the full source in tar.gz format, or you can look at individual files:

main.c bushes.c
Makefile sign.c
main.h snowmen.c
320controller.c 320controller.h

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