Meet Greg and Mary Hormann

Greg and Mary became friends in high school (Wawasee High school, Syracuse, IN). Both separately decided to attend Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Greg and Mary began dating during their freshman year, and both ended up moving to Cincinnati after college to find employment. On November 4, 2000 (exactly 6 years from their first date), the couple were wed at All Saints Catholic Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Christmas Display

Both of us are big on Christmas. Mary likes the shopping and interior decorating, and Greg is big on outside Christmas displays. In 2001, Greg started experimenting with animated displays that are controlled by a computer. That year he built two parallel port controls that could control 8 circuits each. These were simple to build and control, but didn't provide much growth potential. For 2002, Greg started in January trying to find a design that would allow him to control many more circuits without purchasing expensive Digital I/O Boards. In February, he found Hill Robertson's design for a 320 circuit device that could be controlled by a parallel port. He spent much of the year building our own version. These days, we leverage Xlights, FPP, and Pixels controlled by E1.31.

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Our Favorite Light Displays

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