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Snowmen in a Snowball fight

The snowmen were added to our display in 2002. I got the idea after seeing a video by Drew Heckman at the now defuncted "Christmas Cave" website. Others have build snowmen using wireframes, but I didn't have access to welding materials. Instead, I used: The snowmen are really just two pieces of galvanized pipe with 4 feet of Wire Fence between them. For the face and Arms, I added the wire cloth on top of the wire fence so that I could be more pricise with light placement. These snow men only require 14 circuits to produces "animation". (Which was importat at the the time, because I was using the 320controler with cat 5 in 2002 so I need to have eleemnts in multiples of 7 circuits.) By lighting up different sets of lights (that represent different arm and snow ball positions) in specific orders, it appears that the snowmen have having a snowball fight. The circuits for each have of the display are:
  1. Arm back to throw
  2. Arm forward to throw
  3. "Splat" in the face
  4. "Splat" on the ground
  5. Upper snowball on the nearist pipe.
  6. Lower snowball on the nearist pipe.
  7. Snowball in the middle pipe.
The body (rope light) and face (mini lights) are static lights that are always powered.


(Click image to enlarge)
Note: Most of of these pictures were taking before I covered the mini-light cords in black electrical tape to prevent them from being seen. In hind site, I should have used green wire. However, as you can see in the videos the wires not no longer visable at night.
2002_snowman_3.jpg 2002_snowman_4.jpg 2002_snowman_5.jpg 2002_snowman_6.jpg


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