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The Clock

Introduced in 2002, the clock is one of the oldest elements in our display originally the clock was controlled by the Hill 320 Parallel Port controller but in 2015 I scrapped that controller and started using Dumb RGB Controllers to convert the DMX signals to 12V data that could be directly feed into the Solid State relays that switch the 110V AC current for the lights. A small program on and old Linux PC calculates the number of seconds remaing until chrismas and what segments in the 7-segment display need to be lit up, and then sends out the correct DMX signal so that the correct lights are lit on the display. As of 2016, the digits of the clock still use old incandescent christmas lights. In fact, those are the original strands from 2002 still glued into the original peg board (Obviously, many bulbs have been replaced over the years. ) The first video below gives a little more background on how it works. The Grid below the clock is based on the DMX Pixel technology.


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